Tournament Format & Rules


Applies to all tournaments hosted by the Netti tournament committee. 

  1. Participation and Eligibility: Participation is open to anyone 18 years of age or older.  Minors are eligible to participate with signature of a parent or legal guardian on a release form.  Liability waivers and release forms must signed and turned in at that the Captain’s Meeting in order to be eligible to participate in the tournament.  All participating anglers must hold a current FWC Saltwater Fishing License. Winning anglers will be asked to provide proof of license prior to receiving their award. The FWC phone app is acceptable.
  2. Safety: Safe boating practices must be observed at all times.  Each participant is required to follow all USCG & FWC rules and regulations during the tournament including the possession of a PFD and sounding device.  All tournament participants are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship and courtesy during the tournament.
  3. Protest: All protests must be made in writing to the tournament director prior to final check in at the end of the tournament.  It will be at the SOLE discretion of the tournament director for final decision.
  4. Rule Changes: Rules interpretation is exclusively left to the Tournament Director. The decisions of the Tournament Director are final in all matters and are not subject to appeal.


Captain’s Meeting: Captain’s meeting will take place on October 13, 2017 at 6:30 pm.  The Captain’s Meeting is mandatory for all participants, unless otherwise cleared by the tournament director.

Registration: Registration for the tournament will open on August 15, 2017. Registration for the tournament will be $50.00. Online registration will end October 13, 2017. A cash registration fee will be accepted at the captains meeting for anyone who was unable to sign up online. Paid registration includes tournament entry, and dinner at the Captain’s Meeting and Awards Ceremony.  Meal tickets are available for non-tournament participants for a fee of $5 per night or $10 for both dinners. Tournament shirts will be available for the first 50 paid anglers.

Fishing Locations & Methods: Any PUBLIC launch within the Duval, St. Johns, and Nassau counties are permitted.  ALL fish must be caught from a kayak, SUP, or canoe.  NO wade fishing is permitted.  All fish must be caught via hook & line.  Choice of baits or lures is at the discretion of the tournament angler (exception, pink lure prizes).  This is a NON-MOTORIZED fishing tournament.  The use of a trolling motor is strictly prohibited. TANDEMS/SHARING. It is permissible for more than one entrant to share the same paddle vessel. Each paddler must be a registered participant and is scored separately. Fish may NEVER be shared among entrants. If more than one person is in a tandem both must be registered anglers – use of an extra person strictly as a paddler/motor is forbidden. Fishing begins at safe-light on Oct. 14, 2017 – no fishing allowed between Oct. 13, 2017 6:30 PM and safe-light on Oct. 14, 2017.

Digital Photography and Scoring: Participants must use digital photography to record their tournament fish.  It is required that anglers use the highest available resolution on their camera settings.  Anglers must bring their telephone, SD card, or the USB cord for downloading of tournament catches.  First picture of the day must be of the angler’s vessel, measuring board, and token at safe light.  All scoring fish must be taken with the nose of the fish on the ZERO line of a measuring sticker with the belly of the fish facing the angler. Boga grips or fish grips must not obstruct view of measurement.  All photos must show the kayak, full size of the fish, and the scoring token.  Scoring tokens will be presented to tournament participants and the Captain’s meeting.  Red drum are measured with a pinched tail, belly facing the angler, nose facing the angler’s left and on the zero line of the measuring device. Over-slot Red Drum are NOT allowed.  All fish must be minimum length with the exception of the “Dink Slam” category.

General Divisions Prize Structure: Tournament prizes are trophies and cash. Cash amounts are based on amount of tournament’s title sponsor donation.

Longest Aggregate of 2 Redfish – 1st place – 2nd place – 3rd place – 4th place – 5th place

Longest Trout – 1st place – 2nd place – 3rd place – 4th place – 5th place

Longest Flounder – 1st place – 2nd place – 3rd place – 4th place – 5th place

Pink Lure Prizes: Prizes will also be awarded for fish caught on a pink lure.  Anglers awarded prizes in the general division ARE eligible for the pink lure prizes.  The lure must be 80% pink as determined by the weigh-master.  The lure must still be in the mouth of the fish in the photo. No natural bait allowed.

First Fish Checked In – The first fish checked in caught on a lure that is 80% pink in color and still hooked to the fish.

Largest Fish Checked In – The largest red, trout, OR flounder checked in caught on a lure that is 80% pink in color and still hooked to the fish.

Pink Bra Challenge:  A prize will be awarded to the angler checking in the largest fish while wearing a pink bra on the outside of his/her clothing. Anglers awarded prizes in the general divisions ARE eligible to win.

Lady Angler: Prizes will also be awarded for the largest red, trout, OR flounder caught and checked in by a lady angler.  Anglers awarded prizes in the general division ARE NOT eligible for the Lady Angler prizes.  Prizes will be awarded for places 1st through 3rd.

Dink Slam: Prize will also be awarded for the smallest under-slot slam caught and checked in.  Anglers awarded prizes in the general division ARE NOT eligible for the Dink Slam prize.  All fish within the dink slam must be under-slot (under the FWC minimum length for harvest), must have all three fish to be eligible.

Mystery Fish: Prize will also be awarded for the largest mystery fish checked in.  Anglers awarded prizes in the general division ARE eligible for the Mystery Fish prize.  Mystery fish species will be announced at the captain’s meeting.

Spots: Prize will be awarded for the red drum checked in with the most spots. All natural black spots are counted and a clear and distinct line must be visible between spots.  Both sides of the fish are counted. Fish does not need to be legal length, over and under slot fish are allowed.  Anglers awarded prizes in the general division ARE eligible for the most spots prize.

Ties: The winner of a tie in any division will be determined as the angler who checked in first, per weigh master’s time logged.

Weigh-In: Tournament weigh in will be on Saturday, October 14, 2017.  Weigh-in will begin at 2pm and will end at 4pm.  All participants must be in line by 4pm in order for tournament fish to be counted.

Awards: Awards ceremony will begin at 6pm, Saturday, October 14, 2017.

Raffle: Prizes will also be awarded by raffle.  Tickets may be purchased for $5 or five for $20. Exception, Big Green Egg raffle tickets are $20 per ticket.  You must be present at the raffle to win.

18 thoughts on “Tournament Format & Rules”

  1. Good timing for another tourney, and this Linda Netti Memorial Kayak Challenge to benefit Mrs. Julia Petersen is a heart warming event to me. Please remind us when Registration is open, since I will be out of town then. Looking forward to this one!! John Stewart aka “JohnYaksJax”

  2. I’ve never fished a tournament before. Is ‘biggest’ based on length or weight??? Is this a catch / photo / release tourney or a catch & weigh-in tourney?? Or a combination of both?? Thanks for your patience.

    1. Biggest based on length. It is a catch/photo/release tournament. You will receive a token for your photos at the captain’s meeting. Hope to see you there!

  3. Will the slot limit be in effect for the redfish and the trout as well as the min. length for flounder?

  4. Anna I will be regerstering myself and one other, is there anything I need to notate for the other angler? I’m also looking at getting donations through my company for any donations ?

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