Tournament Format & Rules


Applies to all tournaments hosted by the Netti tournament committee. 

  1. Participation and Eligibility: Participation is open to anyone 18 years of age or older.  Minors are eligible to participate with signature of a parent or legal guardian on a release form.  Liability waivers and release forms must signed and turned in at that the Captain’s Meeting in order to be eligible to participate in the tournament.  All participating anglers must hold a current FWC Saltwater Fishing License. Winning anglers will be asked to provide proof of license prior to receiving their award. The FWC phone app is acceptable.
  2. Safety: Safe boating practices must be observed at all times.  Each participant is required to follow all USCG & FWC rules and regulations during the tournament including the possession of a PFD and sounding device.  All tournament participants are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship and courtesy during the tournament.
  3. Protest: All protests must be made in writing to the tournament director prior to final check in at the end of the tournament.  It will be at the SOLE discretion of the tournament director for final decision.
  4. Rule Changes: Rules interpretation is exclusively left to the Tournament Director. The decisions of the Tournament Director are final in all matters and are not subject to appeal.


Captain’s Meeting: Captain’s meeting will take place on October 13, 2017 at 6:30 pm.  The Captain’s Meeting is mandatory for all participants, unless otherwise cleared by the tournament director.

Registration: Registration for the tournament will open on August 15, 2017. Registration for the tournament will be $50.00. Online registration will end October 13, 2017. A cash registration fee will be accepted at the captains meeting for anyone who was unable to sign up online. Paid registration includes tournament entry, and dinner at the Captain’s Meeting and Awards Ceremony.  Meal tickets are available for non-tournament participants for a fee of $5 per night or $10 for both dinners. Tournament shirts will be available for the first 50 paid anglers.

Fishing Locations & Methods: Any PUBLIC launch within the Duval, St. Johns, and Nassau counties are permitted.  ALL fish must be caught from a kayak, SUP, or canoe.  NO wade fishing is permitted.  All fish must be caught via hook & line.  Choice of baits or lures is at the discretion of the tournament angler (exception, pink lure prizes).  This is a NON-MOTORIZED fishing tournament.  The use of a trolling motor is strictly prohibited. TANDEMS/SHARING. It is permissible for more than one entrant to share the same paddle vessel. Each paddler must be a registered participant and is scored separately. Fish may NEVER be shared among entrants. If more than one person is in a tandem both must be registered anglers – use of an extra person strictly as a paddler/motor is forbidden. Fishing begins at safe-light on Oct. 14, 2017 – no fishing allowed between Oct. 13, 2017 6:30 PM and safe-light on Oct. 14, 2017.

Digital Photography and Scoring: Participants must use digital photography to record their tournament fish.  It is required that anglers use the highest available resolution on their camera settings.  Anglers must bring their telephone, SD card, or the USB cord for downloading of tournament catches.  First picture of the day must be of the angler’s vessel, measuring board, and token at safe light.  All scoring fish must be taken with the nose of the fish on the ZERO line of a measuring sticker with the belly of the fish facing the angler. Boga grips or fish grips must not obstruct view of measurement.  All photos must show the kayak, full size of the fish, and the scoring token.  Scoring tokens will be presented to tournament participants and the Captain’s meeting.  Red drum are measured with a pinched tail, belly facing the angler, nose facing the angler’s left and on the zero line of the measuring device. Over-slot Red Drum are NOT allowed.  All fish must be minimum length with the exception of the “Dink Slam” category.

General Divisions Prize Structure: Tournament prizes are trophies and cash. Cash amounts are based on amount of tournament’s title sponsor donation.

Longest Aggregate of 2 Redfish – 1st place – 2nd place – 3rd place – 4th place – 5th place

Longest Trout – 1st place – 2nd place – 3rd place – 4th place – 5th place

Longest Flounder – 1st place – 2nd place – 3rd place – 4th place – 5th place

Pink Lure Prizes: Prizes will also be awarded for fish caught on a pink lure.  Anglers awarded prizes in the general division ARE eligible for the pink lure prizes.  The lure must be 80% pink as determined by the weigh-master.  The lure must still be in the mouth of the fish in the photo. No natural bait allowed.

First Fish Checked In – The first fish checked in caught on a lure that is 80% pink in color and still hooked to the fish.

Largest Fish Checked In – The largest red, trout, OR flounder checked in caught on a lure that is 80% pink in color and still hooked to the fish.

Pink Bra Challenge:  A prize will be awarded to the angler checking in the largest fish while wearing a pink bra on the outside of his/her clothing. Anglers awarded prizes in the general divisions ARE eligible to win.

Lady Angler: Prizes will also be awarded for the largest red, trout, OR flounder caught and checked in by a lady angler.  Anglers awarded prizes in the general division ARE NOT eligible for the Lady Angler prizes.  Prizes will be awarded for places 1st through 3rd.

Dink Slam: Prize will also be awarded for the smallest under-slot slam caught and checked in.  Anglers awarded prizes in the general division ARE NOT eligible for the Dink Slam prize.  All fish within the dink slam must be under-slot (under the FWC minimum length for harvest), must have all three fish to be eligible.

Mystery Fish: Prize will also be awarded for the largest mystery fish checked in.  Anglers awarded prizes in the general division ARE eligible for the Mystery Fish prize.  Mystery fish species will be announced at the captain’s meeting.

Spots: Prize will be awarded for the red drum checked in with the most spots. All natural black spots are counted and a clear and distinct line must be visible between spots.  Both sides of the fish are counted. Fish does not need to be legal length, over and under slot fish are allowed.  Anglers awarded prizes in the general division ARE eligible for the most spots prize.

Ties: The winner of a tie in any division will be determined as the angler who checked in first, per weigh master’s time logged.

Weigh-In: Tournament weigh in will be on Saturday, October 14, 2017.  Weigh-in will begin at 2pm and will end at 4pm.  All participants must be in line by 4pm in order for tournament fish to be counted.

Awards: Awards ceremony will begin at 6pm, Saturday, October 14, 2017.

Raffle: Prizes will also be awarded by raffle.  Tickets may be purchased for $5 or five for $20. Exception, Big Green Egg raffle tickets are $20 per ticket.  You must be present at the raffle to win.

Registered Anglers

2017 Netti Kayak Challenge Registrations as of 10-9-2017

  1. Nick Odle
  2. Marlene Guy (Lady)
  3. Steve Stubbs
  4. Matt Crews
  5. Jennifer Davis (Lady)
  6. Josh Thorton
  7. John Stewart
  8. Arnold Aton
  9. Raulyn Tan
  10. Ron Collins
  11. Dana Thrower (Lady)
  12. Jeniy Odle (Lady)
  13. Dana Griffith Hood (Lady)
  14. Jeremy Cook
  15. Travis Hicks
  16. Jeff Altman
  17. Tim Stouder
  18. Matt Embree
  19. Jenny Garner (Lady)
  20. Craig VanBrocklin
  21. Will Niemann
  22. Lisa Schmucker (Lady)
  23. Lisa Benton (NP) (Lady)
  24. Terri Higgs (Lady)
  25. Rick Hale
  26. Catherine Longmire (Lady)
  27. Michael Fitzwater
  28. Derek Bentley
  29. Steve Johnson
  30. Johnny Varner
  31. Phil Ogram
  32. Dustin Grigg
  33. David Leftwich
  34. Victoria Leftwich (Lady)
  35. Wesley Nowlan
  36. Robb Altman
  37. Steve Bond
  38. Justin Leeper
  39. Hailey Carter (Lady)
  40. David Netti
  41. Patty Greene (Lady)
  42. Marc Espinoza
  43. Jerry Brewster
  44. Allen Dunn
  45. Robert Forbes
  46. Donnie Wynn
  47. Austin Wynn
  48. Mark Clawson
  49. Paula Clawson (Lady)
  50. Chris Altman
  51. John Dufrene
  52. William Brown (NP)
  53. Shawn Beltz
  54. Blake Beltz
  55. Clark Krazit
  56. Joe Dionne
  57. Timothy Thurman
  58. John Chapman
  59. Bryan Pellish (NP)
  60. Elizabeth Saylor (Lady)
  61. Gary Longmire Jr.
  62. Charles Polochak
  63. Jim Miller
  64. Justin Bowden
  65. Bryce Duffy (NP)

Families Helped

2017 – The beneficiary for this year’s tournament is Susan Ruddle. Susan is a loving wife and mom of 1 beautiful daughter. After fighting breast cancer for two years, Susan was in remission.  Her scans were clean, but she developed a lump on her breast.  She headed to the doctor right away and was told that it was a calcium deposit or mastitis. The lump grew, but still the same diagnosis.  Until one day she had a seizure. That lead to the needed scans and a diagnosis of the cancer having spread to Susan’s brain.

2016 – Julia Tuttle Petersen (35), is a loving wife to William Petersen and the best mother anyoJuliene could ask for of 4 beautiful children. Julian (10) her oldest son, William (7 stepson), Charlie (5) and Emily (soon to be 3). Julia worked for the City of Jacksonville for 11 years helping victims of domestic violence. She left that job two years ago to work for the State of Florida as a supervisor with the Guardian ad Litem Program for abused and neglected children. She has worked hard her whole life with earning her “Masters” in Criminology/Science at an early age. She has always had a driven life and never let things seem to slow her down.

It all started toward the end of January, she noticed her breast becoming firm and warm to touch so she called her Doctor to discuss. She was treated for Mastitis with antibiotics. After the medicine didn’t seem to be working they thought the infection was just being stubborn and her body rejecting the antibiotics from previous MRSA outbreaks. They tried a few different antibiotics over weeks with no good outcome. She noticed her breast changed dramatically in color, size and pain so she immediately called her Doctor and went in to see him. He referred her to a surgeon specialist who decided to preform a biopsy. After the biopsy is when we received the “bad news”. She was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

Julia decided to seek treatment through Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Florida where she met with a team of doctors to discuss options and a plan of treatment. They needed more information and decided to do a PET scan and that’s when we received more not so good news. Her cancer had spread to four places in her bone, now making her stage 4.
After a long visit with her oncologist and waiting for one more test result we did receive some “positive news”. Julia is HER2 positive which means the treatment plan her oncologist discussed has very positive outcomes!

As of now, Julia has received 10 rounds of radiation for one of the lesions on her back and recently started chemo. She has had some positive results thus far from treatment. Her breast has gone down in size and color. The chemo is very intense and strong, making Julia sick and no longer able to work full time and enjoy normal everyday things with her family.

Julia has been a trooper through this horrible ordeal. She has her good days and bad days but needs all the help and support she can get in this difficult time. We have set up this page in hopes of spreading her story to prevent others from this rare disease.

(2-3% of women over 55 can have this and it is unknown for women younger, usually resulting in a misdiagnosis and is typically already in stage 4. Please keep on top of your annuals and never be afraid to question your doctor if something seem different. )

Any donations given, will help Julia and her family while she is not able to work.

We can not express our gratitude to everyone that has been there for Julia through this time. She is very blessed to have such wonderful people in her life. Thank you is just not enough.

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Thanks to Our Sponsors!

Netti Kayak Challenge Sponsors & Donors

Title Sponsor – Terk Oncology

2017 Prize Sponsors
Jax Utilities Red Fish Division, Charles Freshwater – $1,050
LG2 Environmental Solutions Trout Division – $1,050
Duval Asphalt Flounder Division – $1,050
Bill Lamprecht Lady Angler – $250
Bill Lamprecht Dink Slam – $250
Team Flotilla Mystery Fish – $100
Polar Bear Cooler Pink Lure Division (largest) – Polar Bear Cooler
Garage Door Guys Pink Lure Division (first) – $100
John B. Harris, MD, PA Pink Bra Division – $100
Shane Garner Most Spots Division – $100

Tournament Sponsors
Bentley’s Custom Creations – Performance Shirts
Bill Wilson Home Inspections – Weigh-In Dinner
Donna Nick – Event Photography
Florida Roads Materials – Tournament Trophies
Greenland Biomass – Weigh-In Dinner
Gulfstream Lures – Captain’s Bag Donations
Hoo-Rag – Capt Bag & Raffle Donations
Jacksonville Marine Charities – T-Shirts
New Concept Lures – Assortment of Lures, proceeds to beneficiary
Nini’s Pizza & Restaurant – Capt. Meeting Dinner
Reel Habit Jigs – Capt. Bag Donations
Rick’s Bait & Tackle – Capt. Bag Donations
Safe Harbor Commercial Seafood – Weigh-In Dinner
Saltwater Assassin – Capt. bags lures
Shawn Beltz – Logo Artwork
Sunsect – Capt Bag & Raffle Donations
Unfair Lures – Capt Bag Donations

Big Green Egg – Pinch A Penny Pool Patio Spa (St. Johns/Cimarrone)
7 Day Stay in Costa Rica + $250 Gift Certificate for Fishing  – Nosara Paradise Rentals

Raffle Donations

Tackle, Gear & Accessories –
Bending Branches – Angler Paddle
Berley Pro – Native Propel Drive Service Kit
Boonedox – T-Bone Bed Extender
Costa Del Mar – Sunglasses
Keith the Reel Guy – (3) T. Allen Fishing Rods
Lauren Hanson – Academy Gift Cards
Manley Rods – Gold Series Rod
MTI Adventure Wear – Inflatable PFD
Native Watercraft – Native Swag
Reel Habit Jigs – Reel Habit Performance Shirts & $25 Gift Certificate
Rick’s Bait & Tackle – Grizzly Cooler and Cups
RCI Optics – Sweet Shades
Scales n Whitetails – Performance clothing
Scotty Mounts – Kayak Angler Prize Pack
SeaDek – $200 in Gift Certificates for a kayak pack & swag
Shane Garner – Penn Battle II 3000
Slayer Inc.  – FL State Flag Slayer Hats
St. Augustine Paddlesports – Dry Bag
Strike Zone Fishing – Gift Certificates
Travis Hicks – St. Croix Triumph & Shimano Sahara
YakAttack – Kayak Angler Prize Pack
Zman Baits – Prize Pack

Fishing Charters – 
Matt Chipperfield – Chip’s Coastal Charters
Steve Crowder – Madness Fishing Charters
Alex Gorichky – Local Line Charters (Merritt Island)
Will Niemann – Kayak Charter
Tim Stouder – Kayak Charter
Bart Swab – Action Kayak Adventure

Things to Do & Eat – 
Alligator Farm – 4 Pack of passes
Angie’s Subs – 20 $10 Gift Cards
ATV Off Road Adventures – ATV Tour
Beaches Dinier – (2) $25 Gift Certificates
Jacksonville Fair – Family 4 Pack for the 2017 Fair
Jacksonville Jaguars – 2 Four Packs of Jags Tickets, plus Jags swag
JOSFC – El Cheapo Tournament Entry, Kayak Div
OC Whites – (4) Shrimp Dinner
Shane Garner – (4) AMC Movie Passes
Sun Deli – (2) $20 Gift Certificates
Time Out Sports Grill – (2) $25 Gift Certificates

Other Awesome Prizes –
Bill Dance – Autographed Hat, Photo, Bloopers DVD
John Gavagan – Red Drum Artwork
Marlene Guy – Custom Gator Artwork
Rick & Billy’s Carvings & More – Hand Carved Red Drum
Shawn Thompson – Hand Painted Trout Artwork

About the Tournament

LindaWelcome to The Linda Netti Memorial Kayak Challenge. This tournament is founded in memory of a very special person who fought a valiant fight against breast cancer. Our goal is to raise money to help a family going through this horrible disease. Linda Netti was a gentle and generous person. She would love to know she was in some way helping someone. We look forward to putting on this tournament and watching it help someone in need.

The 1st Annual Linda Netti Memorial Kayak Challenge will be October 1st, 2016.

Captain’s Meeting:
September 30, 2016
6:30-7:30 PM

October 1, 2016
2:00-4:00 PM

American Legion Post 316
1127 Atlantic Blvd
Atlantic Beach, FL 32233


Red/Trout/Flounder – Each species pays out 1st through 5th place.

1st – $400
2nd – $300
3rd – $200
4th – $100
5th – $50

2016 Standings

Red Drum
M. Embree – 42.25
T. Goodale – 41.25
N. Odle – 38.25
D. Bentley – 38.00
D. Allen – 36.00

F. Franz – 22.25
D. Bentley – 20.50
S. Bond – 19.25
S. Garner – 18.75
C. Crews – 18.00

J. Dougherty – 26.25
S. Bond – 24.50
J. Chapman – 23.25
D. Holmes – 22.50
D. Martinson – 22.25

Lady Angler
B. Lewis – 20.00
T. Higgs – 19.25
T. Browning – 17.00

Pink Lure – First Checked In
J. Leeper

Pink Lure – Largest
S. Stubbs – 26.00

Dink Slam 
S. Garner – 37.25